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With distinct unoriginality the theme for this week is Christmas. Book titles with the word Christmas or any other associated words.


The run up to Christmas can be a very sociable time of year with parties & meals. It seems appropriate that this weeks theme should be titles with the name of a drink (both alcoholic & non-alcoholic).

Boys Names

Tomorrow is St Nicholas' Day so this week the theme is boy's names. So any book title with a boy's name in it. Last week some of the titles were very inventive - what odd titles can we come up with this week?


Now advent is upon us we start counting down to Christmas. This week's theme, therefore, is anything associated with time, time keeping, clocks etc.

Family Members

Christmas is approaching (I'm sure you've noticed!) & this is a time that many people think about family. So this week the theme is family members. What book titles can you think of with a family member in the title?

UK Place Names

This week we shall go on our travels. The theme is towns, cities, villages etc in the UK. So please put forward your suggestions of books with UK place names in the title.


As it appears to be raining excessively in most places I thought a good theme of the week would be book titles containing water & associated items. Please feel free to be imaginative!


Today is Halloween so this week our theme is anything connected with halloween. So titles with ghosts, ghouls, witches, pumpkins, cats.....


As 24th October is United Nations Day I thought this week would be countries. So any book with the name of a country in the title.

Girls Names

Books with a Girls name in the title.


Book titles containing a form of transport.


As this is the tenth month of the year, by our calendar, the theme is titles with ten, tenth etc in the title.

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