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All Things Irish....

Having celebrated all things Welsh for St David's Day it is only right that we celebrate all things Irish this week. So we are looking for book titles with any connection to Ireland in them such as shamrock, leprachaun, green....Not as easy as Welsh but I am sure you will all be inventive!

Books, libraries.....

If you have read my recent blog you will see that I ahve been enjoying the new series of "My Life in Books". Consequently, I thought this week's theme could be books. So book titles with the word books, libraries or associated words in their titles. Surely there must be plenty......

All Things Welsh

In celebration of the Welsh victory in the rugby & St David's Day on March 1st, this week's theme is all things inventive!

Up & Down

Last night saw the start of a new series of Upstairs, Downstairs. Consequently I thought this week we would look for book titles with the words "up" or "down" in them. If you can manage to find one with stairs in it so much the better!

Medical Terms

Call the Midwife, the surprisingly successful drama on sunday evenings, is the most recent book that I ahve completed & reviewed. This put me in mind of books which contain medical terms in their titles. I bet there are more than I think there are!

Elizabeth & George

Today is the 60th anniversary of Queen Elizabeth's accension to the throne following the death of her father King George VI. Having already had a royal theme, this week's theme is going to be Elizabeth & George. So any book titles with either George or Elizabeth (or variations) in their title.


This weekend saw a national survey of garden birds. So this week's theme is birds. Book titles containing any words to do with birds.

Art & Artists

On this day in 1989 Salvador Dali, the acclaimed artist died. The theme for this week is, therefore, anything to do with art, artists, their materials or any clever connections which you can think of!


This week's theme is winter. So we are looking for book titles containing words associated with Winter.

Nobility & Royalty

Today, 9th January, is Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge's 30th birthday. So the theme of the week is any connection with nobility or royalty. I am sure that people will be able to come up with some very inventive book titles for this week's theme!

New Year

As we start a new year the theme for this week is, naturally enough, "New Year". So any book titles with the words "new" or "year" in them. A title with both is even better!


Having had drink as a theme (which turned out to be rather more difficult that I had expected), I thought this week we'd go for food. After all I am sure many of us have consumed more than is usual in the last few days....or maybe I just speak for myself. So, any book titles with items of food in the title.

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