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Books From Other Cultures

I have recently written a blog where I have shared books which I have enjoyed which provide an insight into cultures other than my own. Please add books which you feel others may enjoy that provide a glimpse of another culture.


Following on from last week's Jubilee theme, this week's theme is London. So please add to the list any books about London, either fact or fiction. Perhaps they provide us with an insight to the history of our capital city or a fictional idea of London in the future or as a fantasy city. Please be inventive & share with us those unusual & interesting books on London.

Precious Gems

With the Diamond Jubilee weekend fast approaching it seems right to have a theme connected with this. So, precious gems it is. Any book whose title includes the name of a precious gem in it. Ifd you can name some with diamonds then so much the better!

Urban Fantasy

There has been a great number of books written in the past few years which have included fantasy characters (wizards, witches, vampires, werewolves etc) in a modern everyday setting. I am sure we have all heard of the Twilight & the Harry Potter series but there are many more excellent books out there in a similar vein (and many not so excellent!) Why not share the titles below of your favourite modern, urban fantasy books.

Eurpoean Detectives

This week's theme is a bit different. European detective stories have become quite popular in recent years with some wonderful books out there. It would be good if people could share the titles of books containing European detectives, especially those written by European writers. Share your favourites so others can give them a try!

The Garden

Bank holidays are a traditional time for catching up on the garden. I was fortunate enough to get a few hours of sunshine to spend in the garden this bank holiday. After a very successful week of titles containing types of building, this week we are going for titles associated with gardening or the garden.


There have been several newspaper artciles in the last few weeks featuring structures that have been built from books. So, to turn the tables on this, this week's topic is buildings. So please add any book titles that you know of featuring a building - either a type of building or the name of a famous building.

All Things English!

As we start this week with St. George's Day it is right that we have all things English as our theme. So book title containing any words which are connected with England or the English.


Continuing a general theme connected with the time of year, I feel that this week would be a good time to have flowers as our theme for the week. There are a surprising number of books with with some sort of flower in their title. How many can we come up with ?


With a distinct lack of originality. this week's theme is Easter! So any book titles with any connection to Easter.

All Things Nautical

On 26th March 1839 the first ever Henley Royal Regatta was held. This put me in mind of all things nautical so this week's theme is anything to do with boats, ships, water, rivers etc.....anything nautical in fact.

Spring is in the Air...

Having enjoyed a lovely stroll this morning minus a coat. there can be no doubt that spring is starting to peak out. The buds are out & I noticed some cherry blossom down the road. So what better theme for this week that Spring. So any book titles that have an element of spring in them - anything from sun & daffodils to snowdrops and baby lambs. Which book titles remind you of spring?

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