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Great Leading Men

Well written characters are an important part of any book. Characters we can relate to, want to find out about & would like to see what happens to them next. In many books the leading character is a man. In most of the rest it is a woman & in a few something else such as an animal (see Warhorse by Michael Morpurgo) or an inanimate object such as a robot. It would be great to list books which people thought had great leading men (we will do women at a later date!). You may feel that these men are wonderful characters due to their looks, romance, action, coolness in a crisis, academic prowess, ability as a military leader.....the list is endless. Please list below which books you feel contain a great leading man.


31st October is fast approaching again with the shops full of trimmings, costumes & foods for Halloween. So the theme this time is books with any Halloween related words or phrases in the title.

A Military Man

I have just begun "Major Pettigrew's Last Stand" by Helen Simonson - review to follow. It has made me wonder about books with military words in their title, particularly people's ranks. Please add your suggestions below - the more the merrier!

Time to Relax!

Now the children are (hopefully) settled back at school, we all deserve a bit of relaxation time to recover from the six weeks school holidays! So which books do you read to help you relax? What would you recommend to other people?

Classic Books

Glancing through our recommended selection of books, I nopticed that a great many "classic" books are listed there. These are books to which one or more reviewers have awarded 5 stars. Obviously classic books are still a significant part of reading amongst our reviewers. Do you have a favourite book which you consider to be a "classic"? Please share these with us below.

Bookgroup Books

I blogged recently on the suggestions I have put forward for next years choices list for our bookgroup. It would be great if other people could add titles that they have used in their bookgroup or feel would make a good choice for a bookgroup book.

Summer Reading

The summer is here & (hopefully) we will all get a chance to spend some time reading. Maybe on holiday by the pool or at home in our own gardens. So what do you plan to read for your summer holidays? Please share with us below books which you feel people may enjoy during their summer break.

Must Read Children's Books

The school holidays have now arrived! There are many things for children to do in the holidays not least of which is to catch up on some reading. It would be wonderful if people could share their suggestions of "must read" books for children.

Animal Stories

Last week Bill reviewsed the classic animal book, White Fang by Jack London. This led me to think about other books where the main storyline concerns an animal or animals. It would be great if people could share books which they enjoyed in which animals play an important part.


Continuing on from last week's theme of sports, this week's theme is Time. A dubious connection....possibly! In many sports, time is vital be it a measurement of how long the game lasts or a measurement of speed. Please list below any books whose title has a connection with time - be it a specific time or a form of measuring time - be inventive!


Wimbledon fortnight is upon us, the Euros are coming to a climax & the Olympics are fast approaching so the time has come for a sports theme. This week we are looking for titles of books which include the name of a sport, sports equipment or are in some way linked with sport.

Jobs in Books

Following on from Anne's blog concerning the jobs (or not) of characters in books, I have written a blog which contains some of my favourite books which centre around a specific profession. Please feel free to add below your suggestions of similar books which you feel people may enjoy. Please feel free to include both fiction & non-fiction.

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