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Book Group Suggestions

Anne has recently reviewed "Slumdog Millionaire" and suggested that this could be a good book for a book group, plenty to discuss. Have you any suggestions for books which would be good to read with a bookgroup?

Book Covers

There was an interesting article recently on the BBC site (link to the left under news articles) on how a book cover is selected for a book. Often the cover is the first thing we see about the book & we do "judge a book by it's cover". Which books have you found with interesting covers?

England & St George!

Today is St George's day so the theme is concerning all things english. So please post book titles that contain words connected with St George or England.


It seems as if Spring is finally on it's way. To celebrate we would like you to list below any books with spring or associated words in it's title.

Amusing Books

As it is Red Nose Day, I thought this would be a good time to look at books we have found amusing, funny or possibly downright hilarious. Those that have made us smile or even laugh out loud. So which books would you recommend to someone looking to smile or have a laugh?

Around the World in 80 Books

Our reviewer Anne has blogged recently about her plan to read books from 80 different countries this year. It would be really helpful if people could post below books that they have enjoyed which are set in different countries. The more obscure country the better!

Love is in the Air.......

With Valentines Day fast approaching the obvious theme for this week is "Love". So please list below romances that you would like to recommend to others.

Guilty Pleasures

With all this excessive weather going on outsie, now is the time to snuggle down with a good book. Sometimes, I love to snuggle down with a book which many in the literary and journalistic world would turn their noses up at. Perhaps they would consider it a bit trashy, a bit far from reality or just badly written. Some of these "written off" books are my guilty treasures. The books that I only admit to reading when deliberately intending to shock! So what are your guilty is ok, this is annonymous, no one will know!

New Year Reading

An ideal gift for any reader at Christmas is, of course, a book. This may be a book that you have specifically requested or it may be a unknown entity & a whole new world to be explored, hopefully enjoyed, perhaps leading to a complete series of books never before encountered. There is also the other prized Christmas gift - a Book Token - hours of time to be spent legitimately in a bookshop reading blurb after blurb until you finally part with that precious token & head home for a reading session. So what books did you receive over Christmas? Share their titles with other readers - who knows there may be someone with a prized book token who needs ideas!

Relaxing Christmas Reads

Regardless of how busy we are over Christmas, I always ensure that I fit in soem relaxing reading time. I am sure that I am not alone in enjoying the peace & relaxation of a good book.....perhaps helped along with a few chocolate goodies! So can you recommend a good, relaxing read for over Christmas? Please let us know your suggestions below.

Children's Books

Christmas is fast approaching & I am sure that many readers must still have a few gifts to buy. Perhaps a last few stocking fillers for the children, a special gift for an adored Grandchild....what better than a book? Something to enjoy, get involved with &, hopefully, remember for many years to come. Which books could you recommend for a child this Christmas? A timeless classic or a modern adventure? Please add your suggestions below.

Short Stories

Last week was National Short Story Week. Please share below books of short stories which you enjoyed & think others may also enjoy.

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