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Spring is Here!

Ok - so I may be slightly optimistic but it does appear as if spring is in the air. Consequently I thought it would be good if people could list their favourite books that are associated with spring - either in the title or the story.

Favourite Children's Books

I recently read an article which suggested which adult books you may enjoy based on which books you enjoyed as a child. The article wasn't that relevent to me as I had read (or even heard of) few of the books on the list. However, it did make me think about which books I enjoyed as a child. What were your favourite books as a child?

Rain, Floods & Water

Considering the dreadful circumstances that some people are facing with the floods and storms it seems only appropriate that the theme should be books with rain, floods or water in the title. Be inventive - think outside the box & put forward your suggestions!

Top Books of 2013

This is the time of year when the reviewers look back on their favourite books of 2013. What were your favourites reads in 2013?

A Christmas Theme

As Christmas is fast approaching it makes sense to have a Christmas theme for our front page. Please include below any books with a Christmas theme or title which you feel that others may enjoy.

Crime Novels

Following on from my recent blog on crime writers, I felt it was time to have the theme of crime novels. What are your favourite crime novels? Please share them below so others can give them a try.

Books to Buy for Christmas

As the festive season is fast approaching, it qwould be wonderful if people could share any books which are a good read and would make a great present. It may be fiction, non fiction, adult or child - anything that you feel someone else would like to receive as a gift this Christmas.

Long Sagas for Long Evenings

As the evenings are starting to draw in I thought it was time to look at long sagas which may be suitable for the long evenings. Sagas often involve several generations of a family or town and may continue over several books. Do you have a favourite saga hat you think other people may enjoy on a long, dark evening?

Sporting Books

Following on from the article in The Independent entitled "The 10 Best Cycling Books" I wondered what other books people had enjoyed about sports. Some fiction books centre around a particular sport or sporting event whilst biographies and non-fiction books take us into the realities. Which books have you enjoyed which have sport as a major factor in them?

Stand Alone Books

Following on from our previous themes, series of books, it is a natural progression to stand alone books. These are books which are not part of a series but are designed to be read as a complete story. Please list below any books which fall in this catagory which you would like to recommend.

Series Books

Following on from Anne's blog on books that belong to a series, I thought it would be good if people could share titles from a series that they particularly enjoyed. Feel free to add a specific book title or the title of a series.


Choosing a good biography to read can be very hit and miss. Some are fascinating & some quite dreadful. Please post names of biographies which you particularly enjoyed & would like to recommend to others.

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