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Terry Pratchett

The world has lost one of its funniest author - in my opinion. What was your favorite Terry Pratchett book?


Spring is fast approaching & winter is being left behind for another year. What books can you suggest for spring reading - either by a spring like title or by content.

Winter Reading

Christmas is over but there are many more long dark, cold nights before spring arrives. What better way to spend these than curled up in front of a fire, maybe a glass of wine or a box of chocolates but defintely with a gripping book. What books can you suggest for a quiet evening of reading?

Preparing for Christmas

Christmas is approaching - somewhat faster than I would like but isn't that always the way? In the run up to Christmas it is nice to read a few Christmassy books - yes, a lot of them have a distinct "feel good" factor but on a cold winter's evening with a glass of wine there is something to be said for that! So what books can you suggest people read on the cold winter nights to put them in the mood for Christmas?


I have just completed the wonderful book "Elephant Moon" by John Sweeney. Which books can you recommend with animals in the title - whether they are relevent to the story or not!

Summer Reading

With the school term about to end many of us will be heading off for a holiday. What sort of books do you like to read to relax on holiday - that long awaited enormous historical novel, a good meaty detective book or a bit of lightweight chick lit? Why not share your holiday reads below.


A summer of sport is underway - The World Cup, Wimbledon, The Commonwealth Games to name but a few. What books have you read with a sporting theme?


With all this lovely hot sunshine it has made people think about summer - lying on the beach reading, by the pool reading, in the garden reading, in the park at lunchime reading..........Can you suggest some ideal reading material for summer and holiday reading?

Down Under

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are visiting Australia and New Zealand. It seems, therefore, an opportune moment to consider the books that we have enjoyed which are in those lands so far from our own. Please feel free to add below any books set in, or with links to, Australia or New Zealand.

Spring is Here!

Ok - so I may be slightly optimistic but it does appear as if spring is in the air. Consequently I thought it would be good if people could list their favourite books that are associated with spring - either in the title or the story.

Favourite Children's Books

I recently read an article which suggested which adult books you may enjoy based on which books you enjoyed as a child. The article wasn't that relevent to me as I had read (or even heard of) few of the books on the list. However, it did make me think about which books I enjoyed as a child. What were your favourite books as a child?

Rain, Floods & Water

Considering the dreadful circumstances that some people are facing with the floods and storms it seems only appropriate that the theme should be books with rain, floods or water in the title. Be inventive - think outside the box & put forward your suggestions!

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