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Summer Reading

As thoughts turn to summer holidays which books can you recommend people download or pack ready for their holidays?

Children's Fiction

Having recently read Lucy Mangan's book "The Bookworm" I have looked back on the books I loved as a child. The magic worlds that they opened up. Which books would you recommend for children today - either books from your childhood or new discoveries.

Historical Fiction

I am a great lover of well researched & well written historical fiction. Which historical fiction books can you recommend?

Autumn Reading - Longer Books

As the nights start to slowly draw in the evenings are going to seem longer. Maybe we will all have more time to curl up and read a book rather than dashing out in the evenings? What sort of books do you enjoy for the longer evenings? What is a good autumn read?

Children's Books

A love of books often starts in childhood. Hopefully beginning on a parent's knee and then progressing to a child reading for themselves. What books would you suggest for young readers - newly published or old favourites.

Christmas Gifts

Books are a great gift for Christmas. So what books have you read this year that you think would make great Christmas gifts?

Primary School Favourites

As the autumn school term fast approaches what books can you suggest to the returning children?

Pre-School Favourites

I have recently been reading some new books aimed at pre-school children. There are so many wonderful books for this age group on the market - what are your favourites?

Unusual Styles

I have just finished "The Three" by Sarah Lotz. It wasn't a story that I got into particularly well but the author bravely wrote in a very unusual style, telling the story by way of third party emails, reports, phones calls and so on. It was refreshing to read a book where the writing was not just a conventional storytelling. I have enjoyed books in the past written as diaries, letters and so on. Which books can you recommend that have been written in an unusual way?

Non Fiction

We usually ask for people's suggestions for fiction books on a particular theme. This time we are asking for people's recommendations for non-fiction books - any subject is most welcome!

Books for Christmas

That time of year is fast approaching again & it is time to look out for books to buy as gifts. Have you any suggestions of books which would make good gifts this Christmas?

Good Crime Novel

As the nights are drawing in & autumn is fast approaching now is the ideal time to settle down with a cuppa & read a gripping crime novel. What are your suggestions for a good crime novel to read this autumn?

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