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Just two Brits in running for UK

Tom McCarthy made the final six with Satin Island as did Derby born novelist Sunjeev Sahota (pictured) for The Year Of The Runaways. The four other finalists hail from the US, Jamaica and Nigeria.

Cripes! Did someone give him a fig-paste sandwich?

Like Miss Marple, in both appearance and personality Dame Agatha Christie (1890–1976) was a sweet old lady. It would have been wise not to underestimate her, as she had psychopathic skills.

Northampton librarian praised for buying

A librarian is praised for a "lovely" gesture in buying a customer a book with his own money.

And Then There Were None voted top Agatha Christie

And Then There Were None voted top Agatha Christie novel

Oliver Sacks dies in New York aged 82 - BBC News

British neurologist and acclaimed author Oliver Sacks dies at the age of 82.

Final Terry Pratchett novel The Shepherd

The final novel by author Sir Terry Pratchett is about to hit bookshops, almost six months after his death.

Agatha Christie and the mystery of 10 lost plays

British theatre producer Julius Green turned literary detective and tracked down five full-length and five one-act dramas that were previously-unknown or forgotten.

Birmingham libraries

Local libraries in Birmingham stop buying books in an attempt to help with "huge savings" being sought by the city council.

Books will survive the Twitter generation

Professor John Sutherland, of University College London, has rewritten 25 bestselling novels in the form of single tweets - but he insists there is still a future in full-length books.

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