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Review by Debra Found

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Generally Well Written

When Nicola's Grandmother is dying she tells Nicola about babies buried at the bottom of the garden. At first Nicola thinks it is a dying woman's ramblings until curiosity gets the better of her.

This is a tough story which centres around difficult subjects including abuse and the loss of a baby. It is good that these topics are being bought out into the open and talked about. Fiction is a good way to do this.

As a story I did find it generally good. It is written in more than one time period with the thread in the past being taken from diaries and letters. I am a fan of this type of story, aprticularly the use of medium such as diaries and lettersĀ  but would appreciate slightly better labelling in this book. I know in some areas the author was being deliberately vague in order to lead up to a great revealĀ  however better labelling of times and dates would still have helped in other places.

This story runs over several generations of a family. I do wonder if perhaps this book would have been stronger had the author put less events of abuse. This would have enabled the book to look in more detail at less and allow the reader to better absorb the details. Towards the end of the book I just felt a little bombarded with negativity. There are glimmers of positivity with the ongoing story of Nicola and her daughter, Ruby, but would have liked a bit more evidence of people rising from the past & making good things from bad.

On the whole this was a book that I was glad that I read though I do have a few reservations. I would certainly try another book by this author.

I received a free copy of this book via Netgalley

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