Song of the Damned (Phineas Fox Mystery) (Hardcover) by Sarah Rayne

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List Price: £20.99

Hardcover: 256 Pages.

Published: 31 July 2018 by Severn House Publishers Ltd

Edition: First World Publication ed.

ISBN: 0727888145

EAN: 9780727888143

Review by Debra Found

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A Good Read

I have read several books in the Phineas Fox series and found them all to be good reads. This book is no exception.

Phin is invited by the headmistress of Cresacre School to investiagte an opera which has been put forward by a school patron for performance. There are concerns over its quality and possible plagarism. Phin finds that there is a lot more to this piece of music than meets the eye and finds mysteries in the school's distant and not so distant past.

This is a well structured and well written book which sits on the lighter side of the detective genre of books. It is fascinating as well as being light and easy to read. The plot is well constructed but doesn't have the intensity or complex plot twists of the deeper detective or murder/mystery books. This is not a complaint but merely explained to help people understand where this sits in the genre.

Alsough there are several books in this series it is not essential to read them all in order. Any of them could be read as a stand alone book. Phin does have a "friend" Arabella who is included in the book but it is very easy to pick up where their relationship is at without having read the previous work. This isn't integral to the plot but does provide an extra element.

The characters in this book are not exceptionally complex. However the character of Olivia deserves a special mention as I felt that she was particularly well written.

This book is written in two time periods. The present day & the past of 200 years previously. The past is seen through various letters, diaries and documents - a plot device which I like. The book does concentrate more on the past than the present to such a point that I wondered if it would have been a good stand alone book without the modern day inclusion of Phin.

A good solid read. Not exceptionally gruesome but perhaps not the ideal book for those with extreme claustophobia!

I received a free copy of this book via Netgalley.

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