The Pearl Sister (The Seven Sisters) (Paperback) by Lucinda Riley

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List Price: £7.99

Paperback: 704 Pages.

Published: 05 April 2018 by Pan

Edition: Main Market

ISBN: 1509840079

EAN: 9781509840076

Review by Debra Found

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Great 4th Book in the Series

This is the fourth book in the Seven Sisters series of books. This could be read as a stand alone book but I highly recommend reading all of the others as well.

CeCe is the fourth adopted daughter of the recently deceased Pa Salt. When he died Pa Salt left the sisters enough clues for them to trace their origins and find some birth relations. CeCe's take her to Australia where she traces some contacts with a pearl fishing company. One thread in this book tells the story of CeCe's family up until her birth and the other thread follows CeCe as she travels around Australia & learns the history.

I have very much enjoyed this series of books and this one lives up to the standard set by the previous ones. CeCe is a complex character who has hidden behind her slightly younger adopted sister, Star. As Star starts to build her own life CeCe is feeling very rootless and heads off to trace her family.

I very much enjoyed the historical background to this book. The history of Australia is not something I know a lot about & this book deals with a small part of it very sensitively. This is especially the case in relation to the Aboriginies. The background characters are excellent with clearly defined and strong personalities. There is a smattering of a love interest and also a side story in CeCe's everyday life.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. My attention was gripped from start to finish. Unfortunately I just need to wait for the fifth book in the series now!

I received a free copy of this book via Netgalley

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