The Monuments Men: Allied Heroes, Nazi Thieves and the Greatest Treasure Hunt in History (Paperback) by Robert M. Edsel

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List Price: £8.99

Paperback: 512 Pages.

Published: 03 June 2010 by Arrow

ISBN: 1848091036

EAN: 9781848091030

Review by Anne

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Subject matter interesting but the writing didn't do it justice

This should have been a great book. The men who searched out the lost works of art that were looted and hidden by the Nazis were dedicated and inventive and they achieved surprising success. The people in occupied territories who kept good records and tried to prevent the wholesale destruction or disappearance of valuable items risked their lives. The whole issue of the looted art works, how they were secreted away, and the issues surrounding them as the fabric of Europe changed after WWII is full of fascinating moments. Sadly this book which seeks to explore all of these elements was not an easy read.

The book darts around the cast of characters and I wasn't always able to keep them straight but there was a good list at the beginning which should have helped. I did find, however, that the author seemed to want to tell me a lot of detail and all in the same tone. It seemed almost like reading a shopping list. I really didn't get any tension and there was no variable pacing so even though I really wanted to know what happened I actually found myself bored reading what should have been a gripping story.

My rating relates to the actually telling of this story. The research and subject matter were worthy of a more exciting and readable presentation

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