The Fall: A murder brings them together. The truth will tear them apart. (Paperback) by Claire McGowan

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List Price: £8.99

Paperback: 368 Pages.

Published: 16 August 2012 by Headline

Edition: UK ed.

ISBN: 0755386361

EAN: 9780755386369

Review by Anne

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Pretty average read

There is nothing obviously wrong with this suspense novel but it just didn't gel for me. I think some of this may be because it actually didn't have a lot of suspense since you knew from the beginning that Dan hadn't committed the crime and who actually had. This means that it was really a drama about what happened to the lives of those caught up in the nightmare of Dan 's arrest and possible conviction for murder rather than a crime/mystery/suspense novel. There wasn't a huge amount of tension and the pace isn't fast - I don't necessarily mind that if they are replaced with something but there wasn't much here of any substance.

The key to this book should have been the two main female characters Charlotte and Keisha. Sadly, I felt that they both were rather cardboard cut outs rather than real people. Charlotte was privileged and faced having her life turned upside down and Keisha was a poor, angry woman with a dual heritage background who needed to escape from a difficult and abusive relationship. When they are thrown together Charlotte learns humility from Keisha and Keisha learns to trust from Charlotte. It is all a bit obvious although it isn't badly written. I can't say that I liked either of them particularly.

This is a bit of an ordinary suspense type novel with nothing original or particularly exciting. It suffers a bit from lack of pace and being a bit obvious in its messages. It's not bad though and perfectly readable but don't expect the great characterisation and plots of the later Paula McGuire novels which are significantly better in all ways.

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