Bad Sister: The new gripping psychological thriller you won’t be able to put down in 2017 (Paperback) by Sam Carrington

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List Price: £7.99

Paperback: 368 Pages.

Published: 14 December 2017 by Avon

Edition: Digital original

ISBN: 0008200211

EAN: 9780008200213

Review by Debra Found

4.0 Stars4.0 Stars4.0 Stars4.0 Stars (4 from a possible 5)

Solid Thriller

Connie is building up her counselling practice in Totnes, Devon. She has a very interesting client, Stephanie, who is in the witness protection scheme and trying to build a new life with her son. What Stephanie is telling Connie doesn't match up with the police history. When an escaped prisoner is found dead with Connie's name on his hand events start running away from Connie. Why is her name on his hand? Who is Stephanie so scared of and is there a connection between her and Connie's past ?

On the whole this was a good, solid, thriller. The plot is sound though towards the end I felt there were a few too many twists & coincidences to be totally believable. I was pleased, however, that the author did wrap up the loose ends and not leave a lot of unanswered questions.

I got the feeling throughout this book that there was more backstory than I was being made aware of. There were references to Connie's past prison work & to D.I. Wade's past failed case. I wonder if there was a book before this that I should have read first?

The characters were good with personality & feelings. I wasn't convinced by some of the things that they did but then I am frequently surprsied by what people do in reality let alone fiction!

This was a basically good read. There was a solid plot with plenty to get your teeth into and there was a sound conclusion. I would be happy to read further books by this author.

I received a free copy of this book via Netgalley.

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