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Review by Debra Found

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A Real "Wow" Book

This is a truly "wow" book. It is perfect for any youngster who loves

the magic of theatre and may even be considering a future in it.


book covers all aspects of the theatre from the actors and the staging

through to the lighting, special effects and props. When it says "All

About Theatre" It really means it!

The book is well set out with

small chunks of text around glossy photos and drawings. The book is

produced by the National Theatre so uses those productions for details

and pictures. There are also some anecdotes from productions such as

what happened when the stage was set on fire!

I loved this book and

struggled to put it down. It was informative and very interesting. It is

perfect for older junior school/early secondary school children who are

going to be attending a production or have an interest in any aspect of

the theatre. In fact, I think almost anyone would find it interesting.

I received a free copy of this book from the publisher.

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