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The Winter's Child by Cassandra Parkin

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Paperback: 288 Pages.

Published: 15 September 2017 by Legend Press

ISBN: 1785079034

EAN: 9781785079030

Five years ago, Susannah Harper's son Joel went missing without trace. Bereft of her son and then of her husband, Susannah tries to accept that she may never know for certain what has happened to her lost loved ones. She has rebuilt her life around a simple selfless mission: to help others who, like her, must learn to live without hope. But then, on the last night of Hull Fair, a fortune-teller makes an eerie prediction. She tells her that this Christmas Eve, Joel will finally come back to her. As her carefully-constructed life begins to unravel, Susannah is drawn into a world of psychics and charlatans, half-truths and hauntings, friendships and betrayals, forcing her to confront the buried truths of her family's past, where nothing and no one are quite as they seem. A ghostly winter read with a modern gothic flavour. A tale of twisted love, family secrets and hauntings. Ideal for anyone who loves crime thrillers. This paperback book has 321 pages and measures: 20 x 13 x 2.5cm approx.


3.0 Stars3.0 Stars3.0 Stars  by Debra Found

Quite Slow

Joel went missing five years ago and has never been found. That event has left devastation in its wake as you would expect - a Mother for whom every day is still a quest for her son, lots of unanswered questions and a marriage that didn't survive. Sussannah has spent years seeking out psychics to help her find her son. As Susannah's mind becomes ever more unhinged the reader is left with her question - Is it right to love a son more than his Father?

This book was really around a 3.5 for me. It is quite slow moving and parts of it were quite repetative. Susannah's endless   drifting got a bit boring and made the book quite turgid. Susannah also seems to be getting some sort of visions (I won't clarify more - spoilers!) around Joel's disappearance leading to ever more erratic behaviour. I found all this quite wishy washy and a bit of a struggle. There is also an unlikely love affair which didn't quite fit into the book as far as I was concerned.

There are good parts to this book. We get flashbacks to Joel's childhood and see the situation between him, Susannah and his Father, John. Was John too hard on Joel, was Susannah too soft? Interesting questions.

This wasn't really a book for me. I did finish it and found the end quite interesting though rather unlikely.

I received a free copy of this book via Netgalley.

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