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The Secret: An absolutely gripping psychological thriller by K.L. Slater

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Kindle Edition: 312 Pages.

Published: 27 July 2018 by Bookouture



Louise is struggling to cope. As a busy working mum, she often has to leave her eight-year-old son Archie at her sister Alice’s flat.

Alice and Louise used to be close. But there’s a lot they don’t know about each other now - like the bottle of vodka Louise hides in her handbag, Alice’s handsome new friend and the odd behaviour of her next-door neighbour.

Archie is a curious little boy. He likes to play on his own at his auntie’s flat until one day when he sees something he shouldn’t. Now he has a secret of his own. One he can’t tell his mum. One that could put him and his family in terrible danger.


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A Good Read

Alice is scared to leave her flat. She struggles to even go out to buy food. Her sister Louise, on the other hand, is a seemingly successful business woman with an 8 year old son, Archie. Archie isn't quite  as settled as an 8 year old boy ought to be. Archie has a secret.

This is a well constructed and interesting thriller with an interesting twist at the end. Although I wouldn't say there was a significant amount of suspense, there was certainly plenty within the plot to keep me reading. What was better is that once I had finished I felt I weanted to go back and re read sections to see it through different eyes.

There aren't many characters in this book. Alice who was once carving her way in the world until something terrible happened. She was put upon and put down by her Mother & also by her sister. She loves having Archie although she struggles at first to relate to him. She is worried about her sister but at the same time resentful - that collection of contradictory emotions which we all know so well. Louise is a complex character. Obviously she carers about Archie, or does she? Why is she always so stressed? Why is she desparate for money despite working long hours? Is her relationship with her husband all it seems?

This book is well constructed with a good plot and well formed characters. There are a few side plots involving a neighbour and a man on the bus which add to the interest of the book. It was a good read that I read in only two sittings - not one I wanted to put down.

I received a free copy of this book via Netgalley.

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