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The Love of a Family by Rebecca Shaw

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Kindle Edition: 272 Pages.

Published: 18 January 2018 by Orion



A heart-warming standalone novel from Sunday Times bestseller Rebecca Shaw about the importance of family and being there for one another - perfect for fans of Lilian Harry, Rosie Clark, Alexandra Brown and Cathy Woodman. Myra and Graham Butler lead the kind of lives where everything is neat, tidy and predictable. That is until they're named guardians to their young nephews.Myra makes it clear she doesn't want the responsibility. After a terrible loss early in their marriage, she vowed never to open her heart again, and has turned her back on friends and family since. Now she has two children and a rabbit turning her house - and her heart - upside down.

It will take danger, more heartbreak and a small dog for Myra and Graham to realise that, even if you don't know what you're doing, sometimes love is enough. That they're going to need help to muddle through.


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Detailed Characters

I have read a great number of Rebecca Shaw's books over the years; in particular her Turham Malpas series. This is a stand alone book which definitely lived up to my expectations of this author.

Graham and Myra are in a middle aged rut. They have drifted apart and their lives have become very predictable. Their closeness has gone and it isn't just separate bedrooms but separate lives. Then Graham's brother dies and two young orphaned nephews are thrust into their ordered lives. Can Myra open her heart to these young boys who bring chaos to her home? Can Graham find the fun in life again? Can they become a couple once more and maybe even a family?

Rebecca Shaw is skilled in description. Her characters are very three dimensional to the point that you feel sure you must have met this person somewhere. The reader gets right inside the characters and, in this book, particularly into Myra's thoughts. It was quite heart breaking to read of the circumstances which led them to drift apart. As Myra rediscovers herself and sees Graham in a new light, we join her on her rediscovery of herself.

This is the sort of book that the reader has a fair idea as to the ending right from the beginning. However the story to get to that point is interesting and well written.

I am sad that this is Rebecca Shaw's last book. I will miss her characters and her detailed descriptions. I did, however, enjoy this book very much and suspect I shall re-read her previous work in the near future.

I received a free copy of this book via Netgalley.

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