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The Accusation by Zosia Wand

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Hardcover: 352 Pages.

Published: 06 September 2018 by Head of Zeus

ISBN: 1786692333

EAN: 9781786692337

Eve lives in the beautiful Cumbrian town of Tarnside with her husband Neil. After years of trying, and failing, to become parents, they are in the final stages of adopting four-year-old Milly. Though she already feels like their daughter, they just have to get through the 'settling in' period: three months of living as a family before they can make it official.

But then Eve's mother, Joan, comes to stay.

Joan has never liked her son-in-law. He isn't right for Eve; too controlling, too opinionated. She knows Eve has always wanted a family, but is Neil the best man to build one with?

Then Joan uncovers something that could smash Eve's family to pieces...


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Mother & Daughter Relationship

Neil & Eve are in the final stages of adopting little Milly who is almost 5. They live in the beautiful Lake District where Eve manages community projects and a local park and Neil heads sixth form at  a local college. Just some box ticking & their family will be complete. Then there is Joan. The mother-in-law from hell.

I very much enjoyed this book. It dealt with the very tricky topic of difficult mothers. Eve's mother Joan is focussed on her daughter - to the exclusion of all else. Neil has never been good enough and nor have Eve's friends. Will Joan stop at nothing to get Eve back under her roof being a dutiful daughter looking after Joan for ever?

The relationship between a mother and child can be tense. However it is generally felt that a mother will do what is best for their child. Society doesn't tend to talk about mothers who want what is best for themselves regardless of the effect it has on their child's life - even when they are adults. Joan is a well written, self-centred manipulative woman. She wants Eve to herself. She is also not a very bright woman despite her ability to twist people to do her bidding. She has no comprehension as to how the adoption process works and thinks she can twist the social workers to do her bidding. Eve is a woman who can be strong but not where her mother is concerned. Once her mother is on the scene she automatically goes back to being the dutiful and obedient daughter to the detriment of everything else. I am sure many women readers (and maybe men too) will see themselves in Eve's character.

I thought the book was well written with very clear insights into Eve & her mother's relationship. The supporting characters including Neil, Naz (Eve's childhood friend), local friends and Neil's family are also excellent. I particularly enjoyed Naz - what would Eve's childhood have been like without Naz?I wonder if the ending was slightly over the top? Maybe but it did make for an interesting read. I would happily read other books by this author.

I received a free copy of this book via Netgalley.

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