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Shelter: Tales Of The Aftermath by Dave Hutchinson

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Paperback: 304 Pages.

Published: 14 June 2018 by Solaris

Edition: Paperback Original

ISBN: 1781085048

EAN: 9781781085042

The Long Autumn is coming to an end. For almost a century after the coming of The Sisters, the surviving peoples of rainswept England have huddled in small communities and on isolated farms, scavenging the remains of the old society. But now society, of a kind, is starting to rebuild itself. In Kent, a brutal tyranny is starting to look West. In the Cotswolds, something terrible and only vaguely-glimpsed is happening. And in a little corner of Berkshire two families are at war with each other. After decades of simply trying to survive, the battle to inherit this brutal new world is beginning.


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Great Post Apocalyptic Book

Set sometime in the future following an asteroid strike civilization is starting to evolve. In The Parish there are large farms each supporting several families. This is a simple barter system. However, life is not so relaxed elsewhere - is there unrest in the Cotswolds? Is the fortified city state of Guz (aka Plymouth) seeking to take over other areas and what is going on in Margate?

As post-apocalyptic books go this is comparitively simple. The earth was struck by "The Sisters" which were twin asteroids. Flooding ensued as did "The Long Autumn" with far too much rain. Even over a century later isolated communities did not always know what caused the apocalypse - I was particularly pleased to see this as I have wondered in other books how everyone knew what happened once mass communications went down! There isn't a zombie in sight nor a particularly nasty virus wiping out mankind. Don't get me wrong I love a good zombie or deadly virus book but this made a pleasant change.

The world that the author has created worked for me. There was structure in places. In some places there was dictatorship and in others, such as The Parish, it was a seemlingly gentle community.  I enjoyed the fact that the author showed us different ways of living which were dependent on many things such as the people in power, the situation when the asteroids hit and the geography of the country.

There are several main characters but the character of Adam Hardy brings all the threads together in the end. He seems a strong, fair character though he has a little wobble in the middle which I wasn't so sure of. There are main characters in all of the places we visit who all have clearly defined characters - all so different. I was also pleased to see some strong women.

I really enjoyed this book. The world that the author has created worked for me & there is a strong plot which pulled everything together well. There is a lot of violence in this book - not all of which I felt was strictly necessary. I think the author got a little carried away in places! However despite this I enjoyed it so much that I couldn't bring myself to demote it to 4 stars!

I see that there is a series planned and I shall be purposely looking out for the next book.

I received a free copy via Netgalley.

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