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The first volume of the celebrated Deverry series, an epic fantasy rooted in Celtic mythology that intricately interweaves human and elven history over several hundred years.

In a world outside reality, the flickering spirit of a young girl hovers between incarnations, knowing neither her past nor her future. But in the temporal world there is one who knows and waits: Nevyn, the wandering sorcerer.

On a bloody day long ago he relinquished the maiden’s hand in marriage – and so forged a terrible bond of destiny between three souls that would last through three generations.

Now Nevyn is doomed to follow them across the plains of time, never resting until he atones for the tragic wrong of his youth…


3.0 Stars3.0 Stars3.0 Stars  by Anne

Good idea but slow and unengaging

This book is set in a pseudo-Celtic world in which the same characters are fated to live their lives over and over again. The world is slightly pre-Medieval in style (maybe Saxon ?) but with added magic and a great emphasis on fate. Only Nevyn has a memory of what happened before and only he can see the same events being worked out again as a tragic love triangle is formed. The original story takes up most of the book and is reasonably straightforward (especially as you know that things are not going to end well) and then the characters are reborn and the story starts again , although this time it works out differently. In the second and third retellings the author reworks the original tragedy in new ways whilst maintaining the characters from the original story - it is other events and the circumstances in which the story is played out that determine what happens.

The idea for this book, which is the first in a series, is a good one and the reader should retain interest in the story because they should identify with the characters who should be the same although reborn. In practice, it didn't quite work like that for me, so this felt more like three slightly connected short stories. I also found it difficult to remember which person was which previous character reborn and what their relationship was in the new story compared with the first one. The fact that I had this difficulty implies to me that I didn't see the different people as the same person which is either because the writing wasn't strong enough or because I had some difficulty with the concept.

The book was quite slow paced as it rather depended on the reader feeling tension and anticipation about how the story would work out. I didn't find that it moved quickly enough for me and the good idea wasn't enough to carry the whole story.

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