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Mass Market Paperback: Pages.

Published: 15 March 2018 by Pocket

ISBN: 2266285068

EAN: 9782266285063

Connie Thorne was a foundling, a child left by her mother for strangers to find. Forty years on, without ever being able to discover her true identity, she has put all her energy into creating a flawless shell for herself.

As a child, she was musical, her sister Jeanette was deaf. One of them was dark, the other sunny. Yet they both fell in love with the same man. And her feelings for Bill, Jeanette's husband, are the one part of herself that Connie can never reshape.

When she hears the news that her sister is dying, the last thing Connie wants is to leave her Bali home and return to London. But with the bitterness of betrayal still between them, Connie and Jeanette have to learn to forgive each other.

Surrounded by family, can Constance make her peace with who she really is – and who she loves?


3.0 Stars3.0 Stars3.0 Stars  by Anne

Slow and not very engaging for me

Connie (Constance) lives a seemingly idyllic life in Bali but after she hears that her sister is dying she returns to Britain and tries to mend bridges that were broken years ago. She has been in love with her brother in law all their married life, she had a difficult childhood and she has a strained relationship with her sister who is deaf. To reconcile there needs to be forgiveness and Connie needs to learn how to let other people into her life.

I found this a slow book. It is not badly written and the subject matter is interesting enough but it is quite a long book for the rather sparse plot. This means that the author fills the book up with the characters' thoughts and musings as well as long descriptions of life in Bali. I got a little tired of all this and the relationship anguish and I would have liked a little more plot for my book. There is an entertaining sub plot about Connie's nephew and a young woman with whom he becomes involved but again it didn't quite grab me. I found myself not caring as much about these characters as the author obviously intended me to, and in the absence of that engagement I lost interest.

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