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Poor Lamb, Poor Lamb by Henry Hudson

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Kindle Edition: 144 Pages.

Published: 23 November 2017 by Cedar Walk



Poor lamb, poor lamb, that was what the nun said when he her asked if his parents were dead. It would take many decades before he discovered what she meant…Frankie Lynham is about to undergo heart surgery. On the night before the operation he sits in his kitchen remembering how, just one year before, a woman arrived claiming to be his sister. Her visit rocked his world and launched him on a year-long quest to find out as much as he could about the family he had never known and above all, why his mother had abandoned him to the care of strangers. He has until daybreak to try to make some sense of what he has found…


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Interesting Family History

Francis Lynham is an orphan with both parents dying before he was old enough to think about it. He grew up in a home run by Nuns and later a boys home run by monks. This is not, however, a tale of his abuse as he considered himself one of the lucky ones.

Francis thought he was an orphan until the day a stranger knocks on his door claiming to be his sister. She hands him some paperwork detailing their family's past & leaves.This sets in motion Francis search for his family's past.

Francis is sitting the night before a major heart operation with plans to write his history. He wants to tell the story of his life as it was and the important people in it. He also tells the story of his search for his family and discovers that he wasn't an orphan at all.

I very much enjoyed this book. It was so easy to read. You know before you start that the ending is good as Francis is sat in his kitchen telling these stories having had a good life. You learn about the characters who featured in his life, who were predominently good, although he did get caught up in some situations which were the making of others! I also enjoyed as he explored his family history. He travels around Ireland seeking out answers and discovers why he was in the orphanage and what happened to his parents.

This is not a very complicated book with many twists and turns. There are two threads intermingled which were each quite easy to follow. I had no problems in keeping these separate. As a reader I had a lot of questions and was quite irritated that they were not all answered by the author - it wasn't that he skipped them but rather than there were some parts that Francis didn't learn. However, that is the nature of family history where there are always more questions than answers. I liked the idea of Francis sitting and writing his story before the operation as a background. It worked well.

I received a free copy of this book via Netgalley

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