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Following the death of her father, Angie Powell takes over his business as a wilderness guide in the Montana mountains. Business is booming until disaster strikes when enigmatic ex-soldier Dare Callahan returns from service and sets up as a rival guide. His hardy exterior and battle scars are an attractive combination for those looking to hire a tough type to help them tackle the mountains - and three years on Angie's business is feeling the impact of Dare's return.

However, Dare's sights are set on something other than business, and it's Angie he's looking to steal away, rather than her clients. Angie wants nothing to do with him, especially as she blames him for her failing business, but she has to put her feelings to one side when they are suddenly thrust together. An animal with a thirst for blood of a human variety is on the loose and it's up to Angie and Dare to stop it before it kills again...


2.0 Stars2.0 Stars  by Anne

Not very good

This was a pretty average suspense novel that could have been so much better.

Angie runs a mountain guide operation but is losing business to Dare who has come into the area and taking most of the business. She hates him with a vengeance at the start of the book but because she rather fancies him she actually forgets this hatred very quickly. She takes on a guiding role but Dare is uneasy about it and follows her so when things go wrong he is there to bale her out, take her to his conveniently placed base of operation and the two of them together can beat the bad guys. The terrain is difficult and the rain is torrential and there is a bear to contend with as well.

I had issues with this book because the author has obviously placed Angie as the main character but she continually undermines her. Not only has Angie to be rescued by the hero who is better at business than her but all the men seem to be continually worried about the wisdom of what she is doing and feel that they have the right to make judgements - and, of course, it turns out that the men are right and Angie has to be rescued.

The action was OK but I wasn't sure how accurate the depiction of the hiking was. For example, the author has the main characters wearing jeans which is incredibly unlikely as jeans are completely the wrong thing to wear when hiking in rain. I would also point out that the cover of this book shows a woman in a fashion coat walking in snow - there is no snow in the book and Angie is hiking with rucksack and all the other paraphernalia that is involved in that activity.

To be honest, I am not sure why I finished this book. It didn't engage me and it certainly wasn't believable.

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