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Little Woodford by Catherine Jones

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Paperback: 432 Pages.

Published: 13 December 2018 by Head of Zeus

Edition: Reprint

ISBN: 1784979805

EAN: 9781784979805

Little Woodford is a quintessential English market town, with charming high street shops, allotments and thriving pubs. A young widow and her children arrive from London after buying the huge, rambling Victorian mansion called the Beeches.

Bex Millar hopes to escape from their previous life, and from a past involving a tragic incident with her stepdaughter. Bex tries to integrate herself and her family in their new community. She joins a pub quiz team and gets a job in the local bookshop. But it's hard to keep secrets in a small town and when the truth about her past finally emerges, it threatens to destroy her dream of an idyllic life in sleepy middle England.


4.0 Stars4.0 Stars4.0 Stars4.0 Stars  by Debra Found

An Easy Read

Set in the small town of Little Woodford this is one of those gossipy, light books which follows the trials & tribulations of a small town. We meet recently widowed Bex who with her three children is struggling to settle in. Olivia is the town committee member - a finger in every pie. Belinda the pub landlady, Amy the cleaner who is a terrible gossip and a very old fashioned vicar and his wife.

This is a three and a half star book for me but in deference to my old maths teacher I rounded up the half! It is in the style of the Rebecca Shaw series but not quite as good. I rather think that the author tried to fit too much into this book thereby not providing enough detail & giving the impression of being slightly rushed. We cover burglary, ill health, teenage problems, romance, gambling, drugs - with the exception of a murder it feels as if most things are there

The characters are reasonably well developed if somewhat cliched. The vicar's wife, Heather, is always popping round to check everyone is okay whilst working part time as a classroom assistant. The vicar on the other hand seems to spend all his time either at his desk or praying in the church! Olivia changes character somewhat during the book going from a heavily disliked interferring busybody to someone who had friends and sits around having coffee instead of going to her meetings.

On the plus side this is a book that is easy to read. It would be perfect for a situation where you would want to pick up and put down a book frequently such as a holiday or hospital. The loose ends are tied up quite neatly and the people are, on the whole, quite pleasant. It isn't the best of this type of book that I have read but it is also far from being the worst!

I received a free copy of this book via Netgalley

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