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Because I Was Lonely: Lock the door and turn off your phone for this gripping psychological suspense novel! by Hayley Mitchell

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List Price: £8.99


Paperback: 304 Pages.

Published: 02 March 2017 by RedDoor Publishing

ISBN: 1910453293

EAN: 9781910453292

Meet Rachel. She is caught in a spiral of endless crying, dirty nappies, and sleepless nights. She fears for her sanity and the safety of her children.

She's lonely.

Meet Adam. Suffering from the pain and trauma of a terrible accident that he blames himself for, he stays at home, unable to bring himself to leave the house.

He's lonely.

So when Rachel and Adam rekindle their long lost friendship online, what starts as a little harmless flirtation, soon becomes an unhealthy obsession, and slowly the threads of their lives unravel before them.

Four lonely people . Two unhappy marriages . One dangerous, but inevitable climax.


4.0 Stars4.0 Stars4.0 Stars4.0 Stars  by Debra Found

Interesting Book - Poor Ending

Rachel is stuck in a spiral of sleepless nights and nappies and descending into deep depression and mental health problems. Her husband David is not providing the support she needs. Adam had a life changing event which caused serious mental health problems with obsessional behaviour and feels very alone despite a wife and two teenage children. The two find each other on Facebook and a friendship turns into something more obsessional?

I did enjoy this book but wouldn't term it a psychological suspense novel. I had a fair idea exactly where the story was leading and I am sure other readers felt the same. It was, however, an interesting book with well definied characters and excellent insights into the struggles that the main characters have with their mental health.

I like the fact that this book centres around Facebook. It is suprising how few novels make full use of Facebook as a tool within their fictional work considering how much a part of some people's lives it has become. This was a very modern and up to date view of an online relationship.

My problem with this book was the ending. I really didn't feel that the author finished the book but rather left it hanging in mid air. This may appeal to some people but not to me. It was almost as if the author didn't know how to complete the book so just left it. Quite frustrating.

I received a free copy of this book via Netgalley.

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