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The Family Next Door: The gripping domestic page-turner perfect for fans of Big Little Lies by Sally Hepworth

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Paperback: 352 Pages.

Published: 22 March 2018 by Hodder Paperbacks

ISBN: 9781473674233

EAN: 9781473674233

The small suburb of Pleasant Court lives up to its name. It's the kind of place where everyone knows their neighbours, and children play in the street.

Isabelle Heatherington doesn't fit into this picture of family paradise. Husbandless and childless, she soon captures the attention of three Pleasant Court mothers.

But Ange, Fran and Essie have their own secrets to hide. Like the reason behind Ange's compulsion to control every aspect of her life. Or why Fran won't let her sweet, gentle husband near her new baby. Or why, three years ago, Essie took her daughter to the park and returned home without her.

As their obsession with their new neighbour grows, the secrets of these three women begin to spread - and they're about to find out that when you look at something too closely, you'll see things you never wanted to see.


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Deeper Than It Seems

Does anyone really know what goes on behind closed doors? Is that perfect family you see in the street as perfect as they seem - probably not.

Pleasant Court is in an Australian suburb. It lives up to its name being a nice place for young families to live. Ange, Fran and Essie all have young families and seemingly ideal lives. In moves Isabelle. A single woman with no children. Just why would she want to live here? Why does she get so involved in the families lives, taking well to their children. Is there more to her than meets the eye?

This book is written from the point of view of the four ladies - each chapter is from a different woman's point of view. I enjoy this style of writing as it really enables to reader to understand the mind of the person writing. Having more than one narrator means the reader often gets to see the same event from differing viewpoints.

I enjoyed this book. It seems on the surface to be a gossipy book about suburban life. However the book is actually a bit deeper than it seemed at first. Who is Isabelle and why is she so attracted to the ladies and their children? Is she sexually attracted to one of them or is someone harbouring a deep secret?

I did have a fair idea what was going on and how the book was going to pan out from quite early on. However, I didn't know exactly how the author was going to tackle it and that I found very interesting. I was satisfied with the ending - although I haven't had the experiences of the people in the book their reactions and the conclusions worked for me.

I would certainly be happy to read another book by this author.

I received a free copy of this book via Netgalley.

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