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Blood Memory Society by D A Field

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Hardcover: 358 Pages.

Published: 16 September 2017 by Giro Di Mondo

ISBN: 0999051415

EAN: 9780999051412

What if you could inherit your ancestors' memories? What implications would such an inheritance have on society?

In Blood Memory Society, Field's story is a fast-paced, action thriller, science adventure with a little sci-fi and conspiracy thrown in. In this first book in the Blood Memory Society series, the protagonist, Dr. Will Dunbar, is a doctor of reproductive medicine and just as he is about to embark on his dream job as the head of the Reproductive Medicine Department at the Mayo Clinic, he receives an emergency call from a former classmate at West Point, on a matter of national security. Dunbar's expertise in the fertility world and a desire to do what is best for his country compels him to respond to his former classmate's urgent plea to hustle to Washington, D.C. Dunbar's patriotism, curiosity, and knowledge of the ocean, take him on a wild ride straight into a head-on collision with a never-before revealed government program, international conspirators, family secrets, and hidden agendas.


4.0 Stars4.0 Stars4.0 Stars4.0 Stars  by Debra Found

Entertaining Fast Action

There is a small, elite group of people who inherit memories from their ancestors. This means that instead of learning from scratch they are building on previous memories making them more able to progress and make new discoveries, write better music and so on. The US government is nurturing a project to increase the number of people with "blood memory" but needs help from a leading fertility expert, Will Dunbar. Things don't quite go to plan - wouldn't it have been boring if they had - and Will ends up on the run with Victoria, one of the people with blood memory. They don't know who to trust........

You do need to suspend a bit of belief with this book. Just accept the concept of blood memory & settle back to enjoy the book. The author does actually explain the reasoning behind the phenomena quite well making it sound believable to me. Whether or not the science he quotes is accurate I wouldn't know but it sounded good enough to allow me to believe it & enjoy it.

Will is one of those amazing guys - great looking, fit, an expert in all the skills he will need on the run, clever etc etc In many ways his character is slightly bland without much emotion being explored to make him three dimensional. However this is a fast paced action book so actually it really doesn't matter that much. None of the characters are that three dimensional but this isn't really an in depth book. Deep emotions aren't required just lots of good sounding science and plenty of rushing around being chased by men with guns!

It may sound as if I didn't enjoy this book much but actually I did. It was an excellent piece of escapism and there is nothing wrong with some escapism. The story flowed along well being easy to read. All of the required elements for this type of book were present - goodies & baddies, a love interest, action, guns and so on. It isn't great literature but it is entertaining. There is one element towards the end which was a bit of a cop out. The author had written himself slightly into a corner with the rules he created about this blood memory but then he decided to twist them in a way that just did not work for me. Sorry if this sounds awkward but I am trying not to give any spoilers!!! This made me a little cross & slightly spoiled it.

The book ended on a cliffhanger with the next one due to be published next year. I would be quite happy to read the next in the series & would consider actively seeking it out.

I received a free copy of this book via Netgalley.

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