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Animal Town by Sharron Montes de Oca

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List Price: £9.99


Paperback: 44 Pages.

Published: 28 April 2017 by Austin Macauley Publishers

ISBN: 1786933659

EAN: 9781786933652

Chantelle has an accident one afternoon; she forgets to put the lid back on the Nutella jar. The chocolate spread melts out of the kitchen and into the garden. Later she finds little footprints in the chocolate. Something compels her to walk around the tree and shake its low branch and that's how she discovers Animal Town.In a delightful series of stories Chantelle meets the inhabitants of Animal Town including Inspector Churchill, the bulldog policeman, Charlotte and Peterson rabbit and many others. Although Chantelle cannot enter the town because she doesn't have things like fur and whiskers, Churchill allows her to stand at the gate and watch their lives go by.One day a strange thing happens, the animals start to argue, and be cruel to each other. Will Animal Town ever be the same again?


4.0 Stars4.0 Stars4.0 Stars4.0 Stars  by Debra Found

Nice Little Story

This is a

handy sized little book which is ideal for children aged around 4-5.

Chantelle finds animal town at the bottom of the garden and we follow

the story of the animals within their town and on their annual picnic.


book has short chapters which can all be read in one sitting or left

over for another day. There is a reasonable amount of writing per page

so it is probably not ideal for the very young child.

I wasn't sure

about the layout of this book. On some double openings you get the

writing on one page and the chapter number for the next chapter on the

facing page. This means that there is no picture on this double page to

accompany the story. There are full page pictures throughout the story

but I did feel that the text facing chapter heading could have been

improved with a picture even if it was just a small one.

The story

itself is quite basic though it does have some good morals. I imagine

that once a child is able to read this themselves the storry will be too

young for them. This is why it is ideal for an adult to read to a

child. It is ideal for stretching a child's concentration.

I received a free copy of this book from the publisher

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