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Max Seventeen by Kate Johnson

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Paperback: 488 Pages.

Published: 10 October 2016 by CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 1537554468

EAN: 9781537554464

In deep space. Max is running. From jail, from hunger, and from the hard labour that awaits on the Zeta Secunda Mining Corps' stinking land trains. Riley is running. From terrible shame in the past, from dark secrets in the present, and from the Service who have very definite ideas about officers who abscond to join pirate crews. The starship Eurydice could mean their salvation. But the enigmatic Captain Orpheus could betray them both at any minute. When a terrible plot is uncovered and loyalties are tested, Max and Riley face losing everything.


4.0 Stars4.0 Stars4.0 Stars4.0 Stars  by Anne

Twisty and entertaining

This is sort of science fiction. It is sort of romance. It is a bit of a suspense novel. In places it is very, very funny. It also has some interesting things to say about what it means to be female. All of this is wrapped up in an action packed and fast moving adventure story with our two heroes Riley and Max who end up on a space ship with no one they trust trying to keep alive as things get more and more complicated. In order to spice things up, as though they needed spiced any further, the author throws in a series of twists which often turn your whole understanding of the story and/or characters sideways.

This story is set in space but not in the shiny spaceships or among the exotic locations. It is set securely in the shabby, dangerous and particularly unlovely parts of space worlds and with people of negotiable honesty and morality. Our characters are enigmatic and troubled and absolutely not what they first appear. Most of the fun of this book is rolling with the plot and watching the author as she moves from one situation to another usually with a twist or turn thrown in along the way - and just when you are really enjoying yourself she will concentrate on an issue or cause something to happen to one of the characters which really causes you to pause and think.

As you can tell, I enjoyed this book a lot. There was one big twist at the beginning which was spectacular and well done but which i wasn't sure was needed - it made me feel like the author was playing games with th  reader for the sake of it. Apart from that it was excellently done and high quality entertainment

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