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Love and Summer by William Trevor

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Paperback: 224 Pages.

Published: 29 April 2010 by Penguin

ISBN: 9780141042190

EAN: 9780141042190

It is summer and a stranger has come to quiet Rathmoye. He is noticed by Ellie, the young convent girl, who is married to Dillahan, a farmer still mourning his first wife. Over the long and warm days, Ellie and the stranger form an illicit attachment. And those in the town can only watch, holding their tongues, as passion, love and fate take their inevitable course.


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Elegant Writing

Everything is decaying in this short novel set in 1950s Ireland. The book begins with a funeral at which a stranger to the village appears who is photographing the local cinema which is in ruins and preparing his family home for sale because he cannot keep it up. There are strained relationships, a marriage of convenience and an overall feeling of people living lives that are not fulfilling or where they regret lost opportunities. Ellie is an orphan who has little of her own and whose marriage is always in the shadow of her husband's first wife's death and the loss of his son. She meets Florian as he lives a life in which he seems to achieve nothing and to be prepared to fail. They have a relationship during the summer but the future is always hanging over them - will they do something positive and escape together ? Is it love or infatuation ?

This is an elegantly written novel which gives excellent character studies of the inhabitants of the small Irish village and their relationships. You might think that nothing much happens but then we could think that of any of our lives - the success of this book is that it makes us care about ordinary people living ordinary lives.

I enjoyed reading this book, or at least I appreciated how well written it was. I was absorbed in the atmosphere and cared about the characters. Although I did appreciate that it was a short novel I might have preferred more content and less descriptive writing but I accept that that is all about personal preference.

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