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Jonathan Unleashed by Meg Rosoff

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Paperback: 288 Pages.

Published: 09 February 2017 by Bloomsbury Paperbacks

ISBN: 1408870797

EAN: 9781408870792

Jonathan Trefoil's boss is unhinged, his relationship baffling and his apartment just the wrong side of legal. His girlfriend wants to marry someone just like him - only richer and more organised with a different sense of humour. At least his two flatmates understand him - but they only speak dog.

Poor Jonathan. The world wasn't this confusing back in the good old days before everyone expected him to act like a person. But one thing's for sure: if he can make it in New York City, he can make it anywhere. Will he get out of advertising, meet the girl of his dreams and figure out the meaning of life?


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A feelgood novel about changing your life (with dogs)

In theory Jonathan lives an ideal life. He works in advertising for a stationery company and lives in New York. He will soon be married to a successful woman who doesn't want to change him - much. Then he agrees to look after two dogs for his brother and they change his life. He puts their needs ahead of his own and begins to realise how unsatisfying his life really is and how shallow his success is.

This is a highly amusing story of success and how little it can really matter to someone's wellbeing. The book is scathing about corporate culture whilst making the office scenes very funny and familiar to those who have worked in this kind of environment. Jonathan's revelations to himself come slowly so we get to see the impact that the dogs have on others as well as him. His girlfriend is really obnoxious and the dogs slowly show this to Jonathan although it is pretty obvious to the reader from the first time we meet her.

This is a great book that will warm your heart. I am not sure that all dogs will have the effect that they do here but it is obvious that Jonathan is not suited to this life and we feel that he deserves something better. You are willing him to make big changes. I love how the author portrays the dogs and their sense of knowing things and communicating with Jonathan - you can see why he becomes so invested in their wellbeing.

A very enjoyable read

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