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A French Affair by Susan Lewis

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Paperback: 576 Pages.

Published: 17 May 2007 by Arrow

Edition: New Ed

ISBN: 0099492334

EAN: 9780099492337

Having survived every womanâ€TMs worst nightmare, Olivia Benning is now more than ready to start a new life. Everything is in place, nothing should go wrong, and it wouldnâ€TMt have, if her husband hadnâ€TMt walked in unexpectedly to find her kissing her old boyfriend. But Olivia soon finds out sheâ€TMs not the only one who has a secret. Certainly the mother-in-law from hell has one, so does her own mother. And as for her husband and daughter... Is nobody talking to anybody else in this family? The past is creeping up on the present, and it seems nothing can stop it. Lilliane Devennes has never given up on her dream and will go to any lengths to fulfill it, but now sheâ€TMs having to ask herself, is this a man to die or kill for? Meanwhile, Olivia is trying to rescue her daughter from a gang of teenage delinquents, while her husband is a law unto himself. A French Affair travels the bumpy road of treachery, deception, lust, revenge, fear,...


3.0 Stars3.0 Stars3.0 Stars  by Anne

Too slow for me

This is a novel about a family in crisis after the death of a girl when staying with family friends. Jessica was on the telephone to her daughter when she fell and she is sure that it wasn't just an accident but no one believes her. She visits her friends in France in order to ask some questions and as she does so she reveals secrets within both families which change her view of the people she has known and loved.

This is one of those novels which is set among the privileged middle classes where everyone seems to have plenty of money, good careers, lots of lovely friends and lots of time to sit around drinking wine. Sometimes it grates a little bit when reading because the life they live is so cushioned from reality but then the author shows us that, in fact, these people are actually shallow, manipulative and deceitful. The secrets that are uncovered are really rather obvious from the beginning and well telegraphed and I don't think that any reader will be surprised by what is revealed.

I thought this book was too long and too slow. I felt that I was wading through endless descriptions of a comfortable life style and that the plot took its time to get moving. I would have liked it to be pruned quite a bit and to get to the point sooner and would happily have missed out some of the long conversations about life that the characters had along with their wine.

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