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Carved in Bone: A Body Farm Novel by Jefferson Bass

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Mass Market Paperback: 416 Pages.

Published: 28 May 2013 by Harper

Edition: Reissue

ISBN: 0062277359

EAN: 9780062277350

The Body Farm is a patch of ground in Tennessee dedicated to the science of death, where human remains lie exposed to be studied for their secrets. Renowned anthropologist Dr. Bill Brockton has spent his career surrounded by death at the Body Farm. Now he's being called upon to help solve a baffling puzzle in a remote mountain community. The mummified corpse of a young woman dead for thirty years has been discovered in a cave, the body bizarrely preserved and transformed by the environment's unique chemistry. But Brockton's investigation is threatening to open old wounds among an insularpeople who won't forget or forgive. And a long-buried secretprematurely exposed could inflame Brockton's own guilt--and the dangerous hostility of bitter enemies determined to see himfail . . . by any means necessary.


3.0 Stars3.0 Stars3.0 Stars  by Anne

All a bit predictable

The idea of this is fascinating as the main character is a forensic pathologist and works in the body farm of the series title. He becomes involved when a body is found in a cave and he is called in to pass an opinion on how long it has been there and how it got into this state. As is usual with professionals in this type of work (in fiction at least) he becomes more heavily involved in the investigation and is even personally targeted before the solution is revealed.

I like this sort of book and have read many by Patricia Cornwell and Kathy Reichs in similar vein. There was nothing here which I didn't expect and there were no real surprises. The author telegraphs the plot twists well in advance and it doesn't take a particularly discerning reader to work out who the bad guys are. I didn't get too involved with Dr Bill Brockton

because I didn't really feel that he was fully realised as a character. He seems very reactive rather than proactive. There are no other main characters and the minor characters are mostly characterless. This book features few women.

This was an OK book but certainly nothing special. I felt it was all a bit predictable and that I didn't engage with the plot or the characters. I'll not be seeking out others in the series.

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