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The Trespasser: Dublin Murder Squad. The gripping Richard & Judy Book Club 2017 thriller (Dublin Murder Squad 6) by Tana French

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Paperback: 480 Pages.

Published: 20 April 2017 by Hodder Paperbacks

ISBN: 1444755668

EAN: 9781444755664

The case that will make Detective Antoinette Conway's murder squad career. Or break it.

There's the murder squad you set your sights on at the beginning: the one where you're playing knife-edge mind-games with psychopathic geniuses. And there's the one you actually work on. The night shifts. The vicious pranks that go too far. Sifting the dregs for the case that might just be special.

Tonight's case isn't it. Uniforms call it in as a slam-dunk domestic.

Except when Conway takes a good look at the victim's face, she realises she's seen her somewhere before. And she knows there's a different answer. And it takes her breath away.

This is the case she imagined. Precision-cut and savage, lithe and momentous.


5.0 Stars5.0 Stars5.0 Stars5.0 Stars5.0 Stars  by Anne

It isn't paranoia if they are really out to get you

Antoinette has had a difficult upbringing as the child of a single mother whose legacy from her absent father is a brown skin - she is always different from those around her. She has had to fight for what she wants and now she has achieved her goal in life and is a member of Dublin's murder squad. The problem is that she is different there too and she isn't welcome. She and her partner are thrown the domestic crimes which have no depth or complexity to them and she spends her time trying to avoid the harassment of her own colleagues. Then she and Steve are given the death of a young woman to investigate and it just might not be as straightforward as it first appears but she's going to have to fight again, this time to get justice for her victim.

This is a police procedural novel which takes us through the investigation in detail following Antoinette and Steve as they try to work out what has happened. The novel gives a real feel for the work involved and I found the slow revelation of the evidence and the formulation and then rejection of ideas to be fascinating. As the case is developed Antoinette also has to avoid the activities of the other members of her squad which are designed to get her out of the job. Every day is a struggle and she has to keep cool and focussed even when she doesn't know what is going on and it seems that others are out to sabotage her efforts.

This is not a short book and it is not full of exciting chase scenes and moments where our heroine stupidly puts herself in danger. This is an intelligent and absorbing study of a woman under pressure who is trying to get the job done. It's full of tension and the plot is entirely believable. The author shows us how the police investigation works but also something about how people work together and what happens when they don't. She is good at remembering the victim and continually keeping her at the centre of the story as her life and death are uncovered. Antoinette is an strong, independent and opinionated woman. I don't always agree with her but I have to admire her - I am not sure how I would cope in a similar situation.

I found this book absolutely gripping. It's not gory at all but it is very gritty - the author has few illusions about human nature and the games that people play. At times I found the unrelenting tension almost too much and had to take a break but I was drawn back to find out what would happen. This is an excellent novel with real depth and superb characterisation - I highly recommend it and would also suggest that you try "The Likeness" which is another of this author's novels that I thought was first rate.

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