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Joshua Cleans up by Laura Yeva

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Paperback: 36 Pages.

Published: 31 March 2017 by Austin Macauley Publishers

ISBN: 1786936488

EAN: 9781786936486

Meet Joshua. This story is about a small boy named Joshua, and how he spends his day. Follow Joshi as he plays, tidies, and goes to the park. A lovely book to read with your child while you discuss your daily routines; are they similar to Joshua's?


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Great for Showing Routine

This is a day in the life of Joshua - getting up, eating, playing, listening to stories, tidying up and so on. Nothing special goes on and I am sure it is a routine day that many under fives can relate to.

The pictures are bright and eye catching without being garish. There is enough in the picture to make them interesting without them being too busy and taking a child's attention away from the text that is being read to them.

My big bug bear with this book is the americanisms - the parents are called Mama, Papa and Mommy at varying points which aren't in common use in the UK. The more usual phrases would be Mum, Dad or Mummy. Joshua sleeps in a crib which in the UK is usually what a very young baby sleeps in. As child gets older they sleep in a cot which, judging by the picture is what Joshua sleeps in. I was quite surprised that Joshua was sleeping in a cot at all as he can form the sentence "I love you too my Princess Mommy!" meaning he must be at least almost three which is also shown by the types of toys he is playing with.

I found the text slightly sickly sweet in places but I am speaking from an adults point of view. I don't suppose it would bother a young child.

As stories go this isn't the most interesting. However, I can see that it would be very useful if you were trying to establish routines. I do like the fact that Joshua is read to at several points during the day and that he is expected to play by himself for some of the time & to tidy up afterwards. Joshua couldn't go to the park without tidying up - a great rule to show to children.

I received a free copy of this book from the publisher.

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