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Desert Heat: Creature from the Past by Barry Ray

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List Price: £11.11


Paperback: 212 Pages.

Published: 20 August 2013 by AuthorHouse

ISBN: 1491809515

EAN: 9781491809518

There was something very strange going on in the High Desert of Southern California, and it was a thing that no one living had ever before witnessed. At first, Zachary Magary and Ben Eagle were getting only glimpses of a large, darting figure, but as time passed, this peculiar oddity became more and more brazen; and though not recognizable to either of these placer miners, Ben Eagle, the Indian among them, remembered stories from his youth having to do with an ancient, blood sucking creature of Indian mythology. Zachary Magary was handsome, bold and daring, and at age forty showed no signs of slowing down. He was a big man, and his rowdy adventures in local bars, as well as his antics involving the opposite sex, were notorious. He had only one true friend in the world, and that was Ben Eagle, an ageless, Mojave Indian with a warrior heritage. Ben Eagle was a short, stout, powerful man that lived in a luxurious mobile home on his gold claim in the Mojave, high desert of Southern California. He had befriended Zachary when he was but a child, riding his dirt bike all over Ben's once serine desert. Ben decided it would be better to befriend this pain in the butt, then just silencing him the way that had entered his mind.



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