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#Help: My Cat's a Vlogging Superstar! by Rae Earl

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Paperback: 256 Pages.

Published: 02 March 2017 by Walker Books

ISBN: 1406367974

EAN: 9781406367973

A hilarious story about two best friends, a cat and a vlog gone wrong from the author of TV's My Mad Fat Diary, perfect for fans of Holly Smale, Cathy Cassidy and Zoella. Everyone relies on Millie Porter for good advice – her friends, family, even her cat. So she decides to start a vlog with her best friend Lauren, where they will help people with the things that really matter: parents, cats, make-up and boys. Not even Erin Breeler, Queen of Instagram, can stop them. But is fab contouring and a cat who likes standing on Millie's head enough to make her an online sensation?


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Amusing with Modern Issues

This is the story of two girls Millie & Lauren who seem to be early secondary school age. They have all the usual issues of girls of this age - wanting the "in" crowd to like them, going giggly when boys talk to them and so on. Millie is struggling with her Mum's new boyfriend and Lauren's parents argue a lot. These are just two ordinary girls who start a vlog around Millie's cat for a bit of fun and to cheer themselves up.

I am not the target audience by several years. Consequently I don't think I found it as amusing as young teenager would do. However, I do appreciate the book raising lots of issues which are very pertinent to young girls today. They don't just have to contend with unkind remarks from school friends but from thousands of people in cyberspace.

Lauren & Millie are generally nice girls which I found a pleasant change from some teenage books. They are perfectly normal girls having issues around parents and homework. In fact, even the patronising and slightly cruel older girls who consider themselves vlogging experts aren't particularly nasty but more the sort of person that youngsters meet on a daily basis. I liked this aspect of the book as I felt it kept everything very grounded in reality and hopefully easy for the reader to relate to.

These sorts of books are important for younger teenage readers. They show that the problems that they face are perfectly normal and shared by many people. Hopefully it also helps them to see the amusing side and not get things out of proportion.

The structure of the book was fairly standard but with a lot of dialogue. The chapters are quite short which helps break the book up into more manageable bites for the less confident reader. The cover is eye catching and appealling to the target audience.

This isn't great literature but one that youngsters of the right age will find amusing and easy to relate to.

I received a free copy of this book from the publisher.

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