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Shelley and His World by Claire Tomalin

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Hardcover: Pages.

Published: 01 March 1983 by Encore Editions

ISBN: 0684166208

EAN: 9780684166209

"Shelley and His World" was universally acclaimed on publication as an ideal introduction to the poet's life and work. This much-requested reissue is guaranteed to delight Claire Tomalin's loyal readership. 'A vivid, amusing yet heartbreaking picture of Shelley emerges: poetry, politics, travel, friendships, love-affairs, scandals, mysteries, children, visions - all gracefully combined' - "London Review of Books".


4.0 Stars4.0 Stars4.0 Stars4.0 Stars  by Anne

Easy to read introduction to the poet and his world

I don't know much about Shelley's work but I was interested to read this short life of the poet. If I wanted to know more about his poetry than I would read a critical analysis and if I want to know more about his life I would seek out a longer biography. As it is, this is an interesting introduction and a very readable book.

The author considers Shelley's life in chronological order and doesn't assume that you've heard of the other literary figures she references. She is good at showing the reader the things that interested Shelley, including politics, while also explaining how he lived his life and I did manage to keep track of the various relationships and offspring. At the appropriate times in the life story she includes details of his work which sets it in context and also shows us how his thinking was developing. Small snippets of the poetry are included to prove the point but they don't overwhelm the narrative.

Having read the book I understand more about his life, his interests and his work. I don't really want to read more of the poems but I must seek out biographies of the various women in his life (Mary Shelley and Claire Clairmont particularly) as their lives seem almost as eventful.

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