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One Hot Summer: A laugh-out-loud love story by Kat French

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List Price: £7.99


Paperback: 352 Pages.

Published: 02 June 2016 by Avon

ISBN: 0007577621

EAN: 9780007577620

Alice McBride's husband Brad is super famous, totally gorgeous...and having an affair with his co-star. And now it?s splashed across all the newspapers. After kicking Brad out, Alice decides to rent out her beloved home for the summer. And the last person she expects to arrive at Borne Manor is a sexy cowboy called Robinson. Country music star Robinson has had his own share of heartache, and he's come to Borne Manor to escape from it all. Neither Alice nor Robinson are looking for romance, but the spark between them can?t be ignored. Could a holiday romance help heal their broken hearts? And what will happen when their long hot summer together comes to an end? A laugh out loud love story that fans of Lucy Diamond will love.


3.0 Stars3.0 Stars3.0 Stars  by Debra Found

Basic, Predictable & Not Terribly Amusing

I am not a big Chick-Lit fan and rarely venture into that style of book. There is nothing wrong the genre as a whole but it just doesn't feature highly on my "to be read" list. I read the reviews of this book and decided to give it a go as it sounded light & amusing.

Unfortunately this book just didn't live up to the blurb that I had read about it. I didn't find it that amusing - I admit that there were amusing moments but the author had a tendancy to reuse those over and over again meaning the light moment became downright irritating.

There are just far too many over the top characters in this book. I like eccentric characters both in books and reality but when practically every character has strange quirks they start to fight for attention. Did we really need Stewie's wigs mentioned every time he appears? Did you really need to make the gay pub landlords quite so extremely camp? Throw in a strange talking bird, far too many celebrities and a painter of nudes and I am sure you can see why I felt there were too many.

By far the most irritating thing about this book is the planning permission - or lack of! Okay, I admit that authors are entitled to take some liberties with reality but creating a glamping ground with no planning permission being applied for let alone passed, no grumbles from people in the vacinity and not a single council official in sight whilst it was being built was too far!

The story was basic and predictable. I don't mind stories that are predictable as long as I found the journey from the beginning to end interesting. Unfortunately this was not an interesting journey.

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