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Max by Sarah Cohen-Scali

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Paperback: 400 Pages.

Published: 07 July 2016 by Walker Books

ISBN: 1406368253

EAN: 9781406368253

Baby Max is the perfect prototype of the Nazi eugenics programme; he is the ideal size, he has the correct colour hair and flawless blue eyes. Raised in an ideology driven by hatred and ruled by fear, Max is taught to endure pain and be brave at all costs. But as he is drawn further into the horror of war, Max must fight to untangle the truth from the lie.


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Very Emotional

Max (not his eventual real name) is a baby born in Germany to the

Lebensborn programme. Two perfect ayran looking adults have been put

together to form the perfect baby. That baby is Max, the first of many

born in this way. Max grows up to be the "perfect" Nazi citizen, he was

even born on Hitler's birthday. Max lives a strange life in children's

homes & schools and works to help the Germans grab the blue eyed,

blond haired aryan Polish children.

This book is written from Max's

point of view. You have to accept this in order to read it despite the

fact that he starts narrating from the moment of his birth. This is

actually very clever and the reader sees inside th head of a young child

who believes strongly what they have been told.

You can't help but

feel the most profound compassion for Max. Born out of a relationship

that is basically rape he grows up without love and being a party to

dreadful things that he sees as the norm - children snatched from their

parents, rape, prostitutes, murder. Max really doesn't understand what

he has missed out on in life and why this knowledge of things well

beyond his years is so wrong. Max is zealous about his beliefs as a

young child can be and fails to see any alternative could be right. It

won't be much of a spoiler if I tell you that things do not go smoothly

for Max's beloved third reich and it all comes tumbling down around his


This is a very clever book and I was very pleased to have read

it. The appalling thing is that Max is not total fiction but there were

children like him. I couldn't help but wonder how Max adapted in a more

normal environment.

This is a very powerful book - we must not forget

the children who were in these situations or, indeed, the children in

war situations nowadays who get manipulated & created for similar


I was sent a free copy of this book in order to provide a product review.

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