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The Bayeux Tapestry: The Life Story of a Masterpiece by Carola Hicks

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Paperback: 368 Pages.

Published: 01 March 2007 by Vintage

Edition: New Ed

ISBN: 0099450194

EAN: 9780099450191

The vivid scenes on the thin, 70-metre long linen strip of the Bayeux Tapestry depict the events leading up to the Battle of Hastings in 1066. A masterpiece of spin, it is one of Europe's greatest treasures and its own history is full of drama and surprise.


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Everything you ever wanted to know

We all recognise the tapestry (or more correctly, embroidery) and its images as they are very much part of our culture. In this book the author deals with three aspects of this cultural icon.

She starts by introducing us to the origins of the tapestry, who made it and how. Then she shows us the history of the item itself and how often through the ages it has been threatened with destruction because of events or because it has not been recognised as the supreme work of art it is ; both Napolean and Himmler were determined to get their hands on it to use as propaganda and it was nearly destroyed in the French Revolution to use as a canvas cover for a cart. Finally she shows us how it has been copied and imitated in art and popular culture over the years.

This is a gripping account which is very well told and full of interesting stories and thoughts. A very enjoyable read.

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