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The Moonlight Dreamers (Moonlight Dreamers 1) by Siobhan Curham

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Paperback: 352 Pages.

Published: 07 July 2016 by Walker Books

ISBN: 1406365823

EAN: 9781406365825

An unforgettable story of friendship, self-belief and love. Amber, Maali, Sky and Rose are not like everyone else and they don't want to be. Becoming friends gives them the courage to be themselves.


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Really Enjoyed This Book!

Amber is a teenager who just doesn't seem to fit in. She is bullied at school because she lives with her two Dads and has no Mum. She loves Oscar Wilde and all things vintage. She doesn't fit in and really would like some friends who are similar to her and not obsessed with looks, gossip, boys and so on. Maali is a Hindu girl with little self confidence who would like to be brave enough to talk to a boy. Sky lives on a houseboat with her Dad until he falls in love and they move into the home of a celebrity model. Sky has poured out her feelings since her mother died in poetry and would love to be brave enough to stand up and read it in a poetry slam. Rose isn't who people imagine she is and gets caught up in a situation with a boy that she looses control of. These are the Moonlight Dreamers - individuals who grow as people with the realisation that they are not alone, there are other teenage girls just like themselves and it is perfectly okay to be different.

I love this book. The overall message says that it is okay to be different and that you aren't alone, there are other teenagers who feel just as different and alone. There are many themes addressed in this book - new parental relationships, gay parents, how far to go with a boy, religion, bullying.........lots of things which affect so many children on a day to day basis. Not everything goes right for the Moonlight Dreamers as they try to realise their dreams but they learn to cope with it together. The whole message in this book is a positive one that it is great to be different and have dreams to aspire to.

The girls characters are well enough developed to be easily defined. Maali is the quiet, shy girl who is obviously a bit younger and more immature than the others. Rose is too worldly wise and has grown up before she should have. Amber and Sky both learn that they need to understand that their parents have lives as well.

I really enjoyed reading this book despite being a few years older than the target teenage readers! I really wanted to know what happened. I knew it was going to turn out okay in the end but was interested in how that was going to happen. I cared about the four girls and wanted to see how things panned out for them.

This is an excellent book. It is well written with good characters and addresses many real life situations for teenagers. It is also liberally sprinkled with quotations from Oscar Wilde which has to be a bonus!

I received a free copy of this book from the publisher in order to write a review.

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