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What Happens in Nashville (Choc Lit): A perfect holiday romance (Nashville Connections Book 2) by Angela Britnell

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Kindle Edition: 133 Pages.

Published: 14 March 2014 by Choc Lit



‘What happens in Nashville, stays in Nashville!’

Claire Buchan is hardly over the moon about the prospect of her sister’s hen party; travelling from the UK to Nashville, Tennessee, for a week of honky-tonks, karaoke and cowboys. Certainly not straight-laced Claire’s idea of a good time, what with her lawyer job and sensible boyfriend, Philip.

But then she doesn’t bank on meeting Rafe Castello. On the surface, Rafe fits the cowboy stereotype with his handsome looks and roguish charm but as he and Claire get to know each other, she realises there is far more to him than meets the eye.

Can Claire keep to the holiday mantra of ‘what happens in Nashville, stays in Nashville’ or will she find that some things are far too difficult to simply leave behind?

A novella of approximately 35,000 words


4.0 Stars4.0 Stars4.0 Stars4.0 Stars  by Anne

A quick but enjoyable read

This is a short novel but a very enjoyable one. It is a light romance but it is well told and the author doesn't give us a book that is quite as predictable as you would expect from the summary. There is a lot of wry humour in this book and the writing manages to make you feel the holiday atmosphere.

Claire has come ahead of her sister Heather's hen party to make arrangements for their wild weekend in the country music capital. She's a bit boring and the whole thought of the holiday leaves her feeling very uncomfortable because it is not her scene but she is devoted to her sibling and she does her best. At the hotel she bumps into Rafe who is managing the pre-wedding parties for his absent brother. It isn't really Rafe's scene either but he is determined to do the best he can. The two find themselves attracted as they work through the pre-party period and then the time when Heather and her other friends arrive.

The author has done an excellent job of characterisation in this short novel. Claire may not be excited by the idea of the holiday but she is not a stereotype and her unwinding during the period of the story and her realisation that she needs to make changes in her life seems very natural even though you really know that it is unrealistic in such a short time period. Heather is also a realistic character and the interaction between the two is quite touching in places. I thought that all the characters were likeable and believable even if I wouldn't necessarily want to be friends with them. I am also pleased that the author introduced real barriers to overcome

and situations which seemed within the bounds of reality and which did not get laughs by humiliating characters.

This is a quick and simple read. It is not at all complex and you will have a fair idea how it ends even before you start reading but if you like escapist romance you should enjoy this story as it is well put together and told with a light and capable touch.

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