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The Dandelion Years by Erica James

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Paperback: 496 Pages.

Published: 18 June 2015 by Orion

ISBN: 1409146138

EAN: 9781409146131

'Someone had made a perfect job of creating a place in which to hide a notebook ...there was no address, only a date: September 1943 ...' Ashcombe was the most beautiful house Saskia had ever seen as a little girl. A rambling cottage on the edge of a Suffolk village, it provided a perfect sanctuary to hide from the tragedy which shattered her childhood. Now an adult, Saskia is still living at Ashcombe and as a book restorer devotes her days tending to broken and battered books, daydreaming about the people who had once turned their pages. When she discovers a hidden notebook - and realises someone has gone to a great deal of trouble to hide a story of their own - Saskia finds herself drawn into a heart-rending tale of wartime love.


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A Satisfying Book

Following the deaths of her two Grandmothers and Mother in a car accident, Saskia has grown into a very homeloving person who is resistant to change. Her life as a book restorer and living with her two Grandfathers and Father seems almost reclusive. Sorting through a box of old books she comes across a wartime diary which tells of a love affair at Bletchley Park. She also meets Matthew Gray when she and her Father go to value some books - is he as grumpy and irritating as he seems at first sight?

This is one of those books that you know right from the outset will have a happy ending. There may be some casualties along the way but ultimately you will receive a satisfying ending. I knew from early on in the book how the story must end it was simply how the author arrived at that point which made it interesting. I very much like two time periods in one book as this book is. The links between the two stories are more tenuous than in other books but that really didn't matter.

I liked the character of Saskia, though after the car accident which claimed three deaths I was quite surprised that she hadn't grown up more scarred than she seemed. She had a caring personality if somewhat quick to judge and very reluctant to accept change. The rest of her family were also nice characters - the interchange between her two Grandfather's was similar to a double act. her Father was also a lovely man who put Saskia first but I was glad to learn he had had dalliances along the way.

In all this is a well written book with nice characters who had their character flaws. I enjoyed both the historical and modern stories both of which reached endings which worked well for me.

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