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A Brief History Of Time: From Big Bang To Black Holes by Stephen Hawking

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Paperback: 240 Pages.

Published: 01 April 1995 by Bantam

Edition: New Ed

ISBN: 0553175211

EAN: 9780553175219

Always in the clearest, most accessible terms Stephen Hawkin reviews the great theories of the cosmos from Galileo and Newton to Einstein and Poincare, and then moves on into deepest space for the greatest intellectual adventure of all. Could time run backwards? Will a “no boundary” universe replace the big bang theory? What happens in a universe with eleven dimensions? These are just some of the questions considered with devastating lucidity and brilliance.


5.0 Stars5.0 Stars5.0 Stars5.0 Stars5.0 Stars  by Bill Stilling

A fascinating, if challenging, book to read.

Many years ago, as a student, I took a course in Engineering Physics, which covered such items as protons, electrons and neutrons, which was virtually all that was known at that time about what makes us, and the universe. Stephen Hawkin's book, as described above, explores in layman's terms, the whole gamut of what is now known about what makes us and the universe.

It is an interesting book and it is not necessary to be a nuclear scientist in order to understand many parts of it and benefit from what has been learnt. It is well written and has copious diagrams. My recommendation is to buy the book and read it at regular intervals, say annually! It will not turn you into a scientist but your knowledge of this subject should grow after each reading!

It is a provocative book which probably asks as many new questions as it supplies answers.

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