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Girl on the Run (Choc Lit): A fun, smart, sassy read. Perfect for a holiday! (Smart Girls Book 1) by Rhoda Baxter

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Kindle Edition: 211 Pages.

Published: 29 May 2014 by Choc Lit



Outrunning her past was never going to be easy …

A job in a patent law firm is a far cry from the glamorous existence of a popstar’s girlfriend. But it’s just what Jane Porter needs to distance herself from her cheating ex, Ashby, and the press furore that surrounds the wreckage of her love life.

In a new city with a new look Jane sets about rebuilding her confidence, and after Ashby’s betrayal, she resolves that this will be something she does alone.

That is until she meets patent lawyer, Marshall Winfield. Sweet, clever and dealing with the aftermath of his own romantic disaster, Marsh could be the perfect cure for Jane’s broken heart.

But with the paparazzi still hot on Jane’s heels and an office troublemaker hell-bent on making things difficult, do Jane and Marsh stand any chance of finding happiness together?


4.0 Stars4.0 Stars4.0 Stars4.0 Stars  by Anne

Entertaining romance

Jane was involved with a pop star and her life was the subject of articles in celebrity magazines as well as headlines in sensationalist newspapers. When it all goes wrong she escapes, changes her look (although not her name which might have helped a lot), and goes to work at a patent lawyer. This new life presents her with her own challenges - some to do with being a woman in a fast moving and high status environment and some to do with the people with whom she works. Soon she finds herself falling for Marshall who is trying to become a partner (despite opposition) but the course of true love never does run smoothly !

This is primarily a love story even though the author provides an unusual setting and some event filled back story, especially for Jane. Jane and Marsh's relationship grows slowly and is delightful to read. They are both sensible people who make reasoned decisions about their lives and their romance is a calm spot as everything explodes around them. It is marvellous to see the author choosing an unusual occupation for her heroine (no cupcakes, flowers or cafes here) and the contrast between Jane's past and present adds a layer of interest to the story. Much of teh story is told in e-mails and other forms of communication which adds variety to the narrative.

This is a reasonably straightforward romance enhanced by excellent characterisation and some very amusing set pieces. I found it believable but also quite funny. A quick and very satisfying read.

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