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A Hopeless Romantic by Harriet Evans

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Kindle Edition: 565 Pages.

Published: 23 June 2011 by HarperCollins



Laura Foster is a hopeless romantic. It is her most endearing characteristic, yet consistently leads her into trouble. Friends and family look on with amused tolerance – until Laura's inability to tell reality from romantic dreams causes betrayal and a broken heart.

Taking refuge in Norfolk, Laura is bitterly aware that her rose-tinted glasses have to go. She swears off men, and all things romantic, for good – until she meets Nick, the estate manager of a huge stately home. But Nick has a secret too. And it's one that Laura, however much she tries, can't get past her prejudice about.

Just as she was stubbornly a die-hard romantic, so Laura is stubborn about there being no future for her and Nick. But will he manage to change her mind?


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Satisfying romantic read

Laura is a hopeless romantic who wants to live a fairytale life featuring a happy ever after. As a consequence of this she has a tendency to choose the wrong man and not to see his faults until it is too late. After a particularly difficult relationship she comes close to losing her job and so she goes with her parents to Norfolk on a very boring holiday. On visiting a stately home she meets the gardener and falls for him - only, of course, he isn't the gardener - and she is determined not to fall in love again.

This is a light and enjoyable novel about a young woman who doesn't recognise her own fairytale when she sees it. Laura is an engaging heroine who is easily distracted but good at heart and Nick is a dream hero owning his own stately home but still with hang-ups because of the absence of his mother. Their romance is strewn with the obstacles that you would expect but the author is good at creating interesting minor characters so there is more to the book than just the love story - I particularly liked the ineptness of her flatmate in his romance and Laura's exceedingly boring but lovable father.

This is a good summer read and keeps the attention all the way through, finishing with that all important happily ever after which is more than Laura dreamed about.

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