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Confusion (Cazalet Chronicles) by Elizabeth Jane Howard

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Paperback: 528 Pages.

Published: 07 November 2013 by Pan

Edition: New Edit/Cover

ISBN: 0330339958

EAN: 9780330339957

London and Sussex, 1942. The English family in turmoil . . .

The long, dark days of struggle provide the poignant background to the third book of the Cazalet Chronicles. As the war enters its fourth year, chaos has become a way of life.

Both in the still peaceful Sussex countryside, and in air-raid-threatened London, the divided Cazalets begin to find the battle for survival echoing the confusion in their own lives . . .


4.0 Stars4.0 Stars4.0 Stars4.0 Stars  by Debra Found

The Excellent Series Continues

This is the third book in the Cazalet series. The family are growing and changing as the world continues to be disrupted by war. Louise, Clary & Polly are growing up and facing all those decisions that adulthood brings. Should they join the forces, get married or find a boring office job? Edward is continuing to juggle his affair, Hugh is struggling with the demands of the business and Rupert is missing presumed dead by everyone except Clary. Rachel's workload is increasing with the aging of her parents and the servants. Throw into this mix the lives of the extended family and the hangers on, such as Archie, upon whomo everyone has come to confide and Sid who is struggling with Rachel's devotion to everyone.

Elizabeth Jane Howard has continued the excellent standard of this series in this book. Rather than a time orientated story, the reader reads a section from one particular person's viewpoint in great detail before moving onto someone new in the next section. This allows the reader to get very involved with each person's life. In fact, I got so involved I was reluctant to move onto someone else. Often the same event is mentioned in more than one person's section allowing the reader to see things from slightly differing viewpoints.

At the start of each book there is a summary of the story so far. So if it has been a little while since you read books one & two this is a very useful few pages. However, if you haven't read the first two books then it is best to read thoseĀ  before embarking on this one. I am very much looking forward to book four.

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